Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Signs You May Be Limping Into Your Destiny - Week 4

Crisis is a clear hallmark that you may be limping into your destiny. One action closely associated with crisis is looking back over your life to see if anything , any old bills, unresolved arguments, remaining debts could possibly loom on your new , suddenly rosy horizon. Once you discover that one loose thread,  your effort  to weave it  into your destiny fabric can put you in a crisis. This is not to say that new threats will not appear, but often it is old stuff that rears its head  to throw you in a tizzy.
And in a tizzy , we go!!!! In our attempts to be "proactive", we often  overlook the fact that as G-d has changed us , so has He changed the situation or the people we are fearing to face!!!!! Time has passed and situations are just not the same as we remember them. We often forget that G-d is in the blessing business (if I may slide in a cliche here!) and the same G-d at work in your life has the Power to work in other lives as well. You do realize this ,don't you?
 In the case of new threats to our  security, we  need to let go and let G-d!!!! ( sorry , another cliche!) I know  that it does not seem that simple but the more we try to fight , the less we are allowing Him to fight for us. Believe me , His resources for battle fa r r r r r outweigh ours, and His Point of View sees  past, present, and future . We only see  in the immediate. Be obedient. Don't let a crisis , perceived or actual keep you from your destiny.

The crisis Jacob faced was meeting his deceived brother , Esau. Jacob knew he had cheated Esau and when ,in his obedience to what G-d told him to do , Jacob set out for home, he did so under a cloud of fear . Here was ( Jacob thought!!) and unresolved argument, an unpaid debt. In making his "proactive' decision to present Esau with a large gift of livestock and other riches  in order to appease Esau,( Gen. 32)  Jacob forgot that the same G-d he had been encountering throughout his life had also been at work in Esau's life. The only thing Esau required from Jacob was . .   the chance to hug his brother after all those years. ( Gen. 33:4) (but we are skipping ahead a bit!!!)
 Proactive??? Actually anticlimactic. And so are the crises that loom in your mind as a threat to your  arrival at your destiny. If G-d tells you to do it , belive me He has ALL the details worked out , including those we see as a crisis.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

5 Signs You May Be Limping Into Your Destiny- Week 3

Okay, all the signs are pointing that you are just about there!!!! you can feel it!!! All right!!!!! the decision has been made , gonna do it, gotta  do it!!!!
"All right! All right!  I just gotta talk to somebody!! Let me just pray with some body . Am I sure this is what is right??? Let me call my . . . .
Wow, my mom has been in a meeting for the last 3 hours. My sister  is on a class trip with one of her kids. I can't even get my Pastor on the phone. Why is my best friend acting like suddenly he has no opinions about anything?  Where is everybody? I can't even find one of my haters. Here I am on the edge of a major decision in my life and there is no one to talk to . Why?????????????????"

I'll bet you have been here , haven't you? Right on the eve of a breakthrough and suddenly; SILENCE. No one to say anything good or anything bad.  Plenty of people up to now expressing their opinions and thoughts (whether you wanted them or not!) , about what you should or should not do , say , think, try , go , stay , lead , follow. Now , at the 11th hour- nada. And you never felt so lonely in all your life.

G-d has a way of silencing your influencers . While you' re on the way to your destiny , He wants the choice to be all yours. He wants to make sure you are counting the costs , and not living in someone else's reality. So ,very often, all those people who have been speaking into your life become unavailable to you because they have the power to influence your decision.

Jacob had loaded up his family and posessions and was on the road fleeing from Laban when Laban got the news. (  Gen. 31:22  ) Immediately , Laban  overtook Jacob in the mountains of Gilead. However, the night before , G-d had appeared to Laban in a dream and cautioned Laban to say nothing to Jacob, neither good nor bad. (Gen. 31:24)  Laban  asked Jacob why did he steal away, reminding Jacob that he, Laban had the power to kill Jacob (Gen.21:29)  Jacob replied (Gen31:31) that he thought Laban would take away his wives by force if Laban knew Jacob wanted to go.  Now ,that would certainly be a powerful influence to induce Jacob not to leave would n't it?  So powerful that it may have influenced Jacob right off the path to his destiny!!!!!!!
Share your experiences  here where you have found yourself very lonely , just when you thought you needed company the most. Post your experiences because your voice gives stregnth to someone else.

Please enjoy yourselves on this Fourth of July week-end. It is my prayer that  everyone will  have fun and stay safe. We live in a country where we are free to worship whenever and however we choose. Not all Christians have this freedom. G-d bless America!!! Be encouraged- Pastor Norma