Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Signs You May Be Limping Into Your Destiny- Week 6

Okay !!!! Back in the On-line Biblical Counseling Saddle and glad about it!!!!

Our TORCHBEARER for these past few weeks on this CLIMB/ Bible Study has been Jacob. We have been looking at some events in Jacob's life that could bring some encouragement to those of us who have had some questions about what we may be destined to do  (or not do!), about G-d's Timing, and /or  our purposes aligning with His Purpose for our lives , and how He may  very well change the way we walk with Him  forever. The Scriptural basis for this CLIMB has come from the Book of Genesis, Chapters 30 & 31.
 In Part 1 of this series we look at 5 hallmarks of change. We will save the last - the Life and Death experience for Pt. 2 of the series , which will broadcast on our Live Internet Christian Talk Show( at a later date.  As you may know , our show is on hiatus , but we continue with this branch of Christian Ministry in order to Evangelize and encourage those who may need to know that the Wisdom of the Bible is pure and is to be sought and followed daily.

In Week # 1- So What's Keeping You?Narcissism- Are you  perceiving  how people look at you as being more important than your obedience to G-d's Directive? When G-d says go , do it! And, leave in love, not confusion (Gen 31:3-19)
    Week #2- Helping G-d Out- Frustration-This is an area of unbelief or a lack of faith. Do you think that G-d  is not All Powerful ? Be very careful to repent  if you discover this on your way to your G-d Ordained Destiny. This is a form of idolatry. Don't try to help G-d out. Realize this is an area where you will need to lean on His Stregnth, and not your own. (Gen 30:37-43)
     Week # 3 - G-d silences your influencers- Loneliness - He wants you to be fully accountable and not living in someone else's reality. When its time to make important decisions, embrace the loneliness- at least you have relief from your haters!!!!( Gen. 31:22-31)
     Week # 4-Crisis- when new threats arise , or old , unfinished issues cause some insecurity, how do you respond? Remember , whatever G-d has directed you to do , He has already provided a way for you to do it, and He knows past, present & future. You don't always need to be "pro-active".  the same g-d working in your life is at work in everyone else's  as well.( Gen 32:7)

     Week #5 - Life or Death Experience- This is where Pt 2 of this series will pick up , but if you like, you can read ahead and be ready when we resume.-(Gen 32-33).

I hope Pt 1 of  5 Signs you May Be Limping Into Your Destiny has been an enlightening study for you and that you have learned some very interesting lessons about walking into the Place that G-d has prepared for you. I  know I  certainly have: this CLIMB  has been a challenge and many Points of Light have been revealed to me as I prepared this study of some of the events in Jacob's Life.
On your way to your Destiny , G-d will reveal many stregnths and weaknesses to you about you. Some losses and even some gains may surprise you . As you begin realize that G-d  is never caught unaware,  don't be surprised at how He changes the way you walk with Him forever. You may strut into your destiny , or you may limp.
Please post your comments below  & let us know how this study has impacted your life. Looking to hear from you soon. Be encouraged!!!!!!!