Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Prayer for Deliverance

31 Days of HOPE

Exodus 1:15- So Pharoah said to the midwives, " If the baby is a boy, kill him, but let the girls live."

Today there are at least 31 murders docmented in the City of Philadelphia. This has been an extremely deadly start of the new year. The amount of killing going on makes me very very sad because the victims are not just the persons  killed. The  killers are victims, too. As are both families.Why??? the explanations are numerous and come from diversified souces: economics, rage, mass hysteria, HOPElessness , lack of faith, the list goes on . but consider this option: the spirit of Pharoah is loose in Philadelphia and many other cities  where young men are dying at an unbelievable rate.

As many explanations for this pandemic are available, there is one HOPE:  . Pray for deliverance from this spirit. Targeted prayer works wonders, not only in this instance , but wherever strongholds have a grip on the People of G-d. Need proof?
Samuel prayed for rain-1Sam12:18 , Joshua prayed  and the sun stood still-Joshua 10:12-14 , Jesus told the value of targeted prayer in the parable of the persistent widow- Luke 18:1, Daniel prayed facing Jerusalem and got sentenced to the lion's den , but G-d  delivered him, and King Cyrus decreed that his kingdom would worship G-d. Daniel 6

Prayer-Holy and Most Righteous G-d, Supplier of all our needs, deliverus .Deliver us from the evil   that is taking our  sons. They are dying before they  even live .When  we  see them  we are seeing the living dead. You are our only HOPE, Father, As this weekend comes upon us , please let there be no mothers , sisters , wives and children calling for a young man who will never again answer. Deliver us , Lord from the  taker of our future. This is Your Servants prayer and I  ask it in Jesus' Name. Halelu-Jah!!!!! Amen.

Be encouraged- Dr. Norma

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mid-Week Meditation

31 Days of HOPE

Matt.21:22 -" if you beleive , you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer".

Let me say thanks to everyone who is praying for me, and for this ministry. Yes prayer changes things. I am happy to say my MD gave a very HOPEful report today. I want to encourage everyone who is in a struggle , whether illness, finance, recovery, re-entry, family issues or legal problems that there is no question that cannot be answered by faith and by prayer. That is our Precious Hope-Pray in faith and keep trusting even when you don't feel Him near you. Remember , He is  in your spirit, not your changeable , temporal feelings . Keep praying and keep beleiving!!!!

Prayer- Father, please look upon all of us with Your Matchless Compassion. . Some have been going thru for so long they are being led by their feelings. Feelings of fear , of anger, of depression and sadness, feelings of bitterness and hopelessness. Some are so entrenched in their pain that they are not even in touch with their own spirits , much less Your Holy Spirit. They cannot even pray for themselves because the darkness is so great , they cannot  even  discern the Light as It reaches toward them. They don't know that their poverty of spirit is granting them the kingdom of heaven .Have mercy Lord, and please hear Your Servant's prayer as I stand before You  for those who cannot. Touch LORD and heal as only You can  according to Your Word and according to Your Will.  Glory to Your Name Alone , Master . Amen

Be HOPEful and  be encouraged- Dr Norma

Monday, January 16, 2012

FaiTH or FailURE- Your Choice

31 Days of HOPE

      Hebrews 11:6  Without faith it is impossible to please G-d.

I watched the movie "The Rite" . In case you haven't seen it , this film is about a young seminary student who begins to question his faith in G-d because he does not believe satan exists. To cure him of his arrogance and faithlessness, his bishop  sent him  to understudy a seasoned exorcist. I won't bore you with narrating the events that unfold in the story , but in the end the student has to save his mentor by exorcising him and so the young priest's faith in G-d is restored and he has a respecful awareness of what the enemy can do if he is not confronted with faith.

Although this is a true story and both priests are alive and working to defeat the devil, I noted the theme of the film. In spite of the Hollywood special effects, The HOPE found in this drama is that without faith in G-d , evil will twist your thoughts, distort the Truth, and keep you from succeeding in anything good.

Prayer: Father , deliver us from evil. Amen

    Be HOPEful and be encouraged- Dr . Norma

What Does G-d Want From Me?

31 Days of HOPE
Micah 6:8 - He has shown thee ,O man what is good, and what does THE LORD require of thee , but to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy G-d. 

Good Morning!!!
Its Monday morning  and some treatment effects have caused  a week of not writing . However the good thing is , we are still in 31 Days of Hope and we will just make up the week by posting twice for this week !!!!

Some folks are still milling around wondering what G-d wants from them while oppurtunities for service to G-d are going unmet. Others are having long and emotional arguments and discussions about this. As I have said constantly , The Word of G-d is full of wisdom and encouragement. here the Prophet Micah lays it out very plainly as he says:

  • 'to do justly"- this simply means to do the good and right thing no mattter what . We know what is the right and the good thing to do in  whatever situation we find ourselves.If its a choice between paying a bill and buying those killer shoes you just gotta have , pay the bill and avoid the sin of debt. (AHA! didn't know debt is a sin, did you?)
  • "to love mercy"- mercy is love for others . People of G-d must be loving and willing to be motivated by love in all our relationships. This means forgiving , and being charitable in all our dealings with others. We must be willing to be merciful rather than demanding justice  for ourselves in every circumstance. look at the other person's situation and ask yourself what would you do if you were in his / her situation? Your answer may surprise you.
  • "to walk humbly with your G-d"-walking humbly with your G-d means worship. Not the corporate worship we do in our churches and synagogues and temples, but the quiet worship in our hearts that lets G-d know that we hunger and thirst for Him day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

If we have learned the good and right thing and are choosing to do them,  if we are careful to be merciful to others universally, then our lives are in constant worship and  He will fill us to over flow with His grace, mercy, and we shall see His Presence in everything we encounter. ( Matt.5:1-8)

Prayer- Precious and Most Holy G-d, Our Father, help us to learn what it is You require of us and then to do it: cheerfully when we can , but above all to do it  faithfully until our faulty understanding kicks in and we  are obedient without question. Thank You ,Father for Your Patience with us . Amen

See you tonite!!! Be encouraged , Dr Norma

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Prayer For The Weekend-Ps.121:3,4

31 Days of  HOPE
 A Friday  Night Prayer, Weekend Meditation
I want to thank everyone who has followed  this 1st week of 31 days of Hope. Before I write the prayer for tonite, I am hoping that you have taken the time to ask G-D what Season you are in . If not , prayerfully give this question some thought. The answer will help you determine how you can prepare to be in cooperation with Him as He moves upon your situation. You may be feeling pretty low , your situation may appear HOPEless , but  remember our G-d NEVER sleeps. Psalms 121:3,4

If I can just share something personal with you: In 2010 I was diagnosed with  gallbladder cancer. I had several rounds of chemo , and simultaneous  chemo/radiation. The tumor had started to shrink, I started gaining weight and was back on  the track to good health even though the surgical oncologist said my case was HOPEless . My medical oncologist did all she could as far as treatment and being as encouraging as she could be.As far as we knew my only tumor was in my gallbladder.  In July 2011 after another visit to the surgeon, I went home after work, and went to bed. The next AM I got up for work and just couln't get it together; the reason- an additional 3 tumors in my brain ! I underwent brain surgery the very next AM ( thank G-d the neurosurgeon was not as hesitant and HOPEless as the surgical oncologist!) and I am  in treatment but on the road to recovery.
My point is this : no one knew those brain tumors were there and my medical oncologist was vigilant!!!I had no headaches , or other symptoms of brain tumors. When I think of the things that COULD have happened but did not all I can tell you is G-d never sleeps!!!!! He knew the tumors  were there and in His Perfect Time  He revealed them. We slept them , but He did not. Hallelujah!!!!! I don't mean to bore you but I needed to let you know that I am not just writing words "at"you. I'm in this with you and you are in it with me. Even though our circumstances may be different, our situations are equal: we need the HOPE that only comes from Him!!!While I am writing this post I  need to thank  and  praise G-D, all my family, epecially my husband , my  daughters biological and spiritual, my son and my daughter in law, who actually is my 3rd daughter, my co-workers, church family , neighbors old and new, and all my friends. I love you so much. I thank all the doctors who helped me , my therapists and all the nurses.
Lets Pray: Precious Father , You Who never sleeps, thank You for being The Sight Beyond what we see. Thank You for going before us and preparing the way for us inspite of what it looks like from our human perspective. Thank you for being The ALL Wise G-d who knows what we need before we are even aware to ask for it .Thank You for being our HOPE. Lord bless everyone reading this  prayer , Bless them thru out the weekend with safety, with peace and with an increased knowledge of You and Your love for us and Your Plans for our lives. If we can ask for anything G-d let it be for forgiveness. Not for the state we may find ouselves in but for listening and being led by a voice that was not Yours that led us away from You. Thank You for making possible a Way of Repentance. We claim HOPE, we claim joy, we claim a new start, we claim restoration and we claim  an overgrowth of blessing .Thank You for another chance. In Jesus' Name- Amen

See you next week, be  encouraged and be HOPEful Dr. Norma

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be Prepared, in Season and out of Season

31 Days of HOPE

2 Timothy 4:2. . . be prepared in season and out of season: correct, rebuke, and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.

The title for this post came to me after I read the Scripture for today. The title was also the motto for either the Girl Scouts or the Brownies: long, long ago I was both, a Brownie and then a Girl Scout. At that time I did not see the wisdom in these words. To my childish mind it was just more stuff I had to do, but at this point in life I can find no better counsel to pass on: be prepared.

Yesterday we spoke about seasons and at what season in life G-d may have us. We may not know at what season we have arrived in our lives and we may still be waiting for our "marching orders",but we can prepare ourselves for when they come. Prepare ourselves with a "Yes" attitude when we must show love to the unlovable, when we have to go that extra mile with someone , when things don't go as we hope they would. Prepare ourselves by living in a way that we can correct , and have  people accept our correction. Preparation includes being strong in the Word so that our rebuke goes forth with power.

When we find ourselves in the season of waiting, the HOPEful thing to do is prepare our hearts and our spirits so that we live the way  He  expects us to  as citizens of His Kingdom.

Be encouraged ! and be HOPEful!- Dr Norma

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can You Trust G-d with Your Time?

31 Days of HOPE!
Ecclesiastes 3:1,2 to everything there is a season ansd a time for everypurpose under the heavens;a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot.
Everything has a time or a season.Hopelessness is the result of demanding complete control over the time G-d has allowed and the results of our labor in that time. HOPE enters when we realize  that we have to trust G-d with the time He has given us and let Him decide what we are to do and at what point in our lives. If we do this, we will spare ourselves a lot of frustration and wasted time. I say this because many times we have set our goals and time lines without asking Him what He wants done and when. But G-d did not construct the world haphazardly; chances and opportunities are offered at various periods within our lives because only He knows what we can and cannot do and at what spiritual stage we are developed : or in many cases;re-developed .  If you are in despair , feeling that the  time has passed for whatever goal you have set or the "opportunity of a lifetime " has passed you by , January is a good time for you to prayerfully go before G-d and ask Him to reveal your season to you. Yours may be a season of planting or it may be a season of rest or of harvest. Just remember, there is a right time for everything and nothing is accidental in G-d's World.

Be Encouraged and be HOPEful - Dr Norma 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 31 days of Hope

As many of you know , this is a blog for encouragement. Every where we look there is some form of hardship ; in the newspapers, on the news, in our families , in our workplaces. Not only are jobs shutting down, churches are closing and so are many of the agencies that provided direction and assistance. Hopelessness is all over: in every age, in every tax bracket, in every neighborhood !!! January is the first month of this new year. I am not promising any magical cures, but I am convinced that if we can fortify our selves with HOPE in the first month, we will have increased stregnth to handle whatever comes in the days that follow.

I have  found wisdom and encouragement in the Holy Scriptures. I promise not to preach to you but, I know The Scriptures can be applied to everyday life with an enlightening and promising result. We are after, all the Children of   Promise, right ? So. What I need you to do is read the posts when you can, apply what you read to your situation and interact with me, let me know what you think , how The Word is moving in your life . I know many "like " or comment on Face book , and some Tweet, but if you look at the end of the post on the blog page ,you will see "comments".  Click  there , type your comment  or suggestion  and enter it. If you need a private response from me, a consult or a referral, e-mail me. My e-mail address is at the top of the blog.

Prayer-Almighty and Holy G-d thank You for allowing this chance to speak to Your People. Father ,I recognize that I am only a vessel and not a Source so I ask that in these difficult days , You will have me decrease and You increase so that Your Voice will be heard by those who are reaching for the Comfort & Hope only You can give. This is Your Servant's Prayer. Hallelujah! Amen.
Be encouraged. Dr Norma