Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Back !!!!!!!

Hallelujah!!! I thank G-d for another Spring!!!!I  am happy to blog with you again. My treatment is over ( for good,I hope!!) and  I am just full of new ideas , new thoughts and plenty of thankfulness .I certainly thank all who have prayed for me and with me,I thank my caregivers : in the medical community and in the faith community, most of all my husband , family members and friends  who have been so much encouragement.

If it seems to you that A Higher Place is taking a somewhat different slant in the days to come, you are correct. We continue as a Biblical Counseling initiative , but we are even more so a ministry of encouragement reaching out to persons battling cancer and other serious illness; both patients and caregivers Through the darkest times in this ordeal, G-d has surrounded me with His Love thru so many Angels , that I cannot  do anything but join that band . Sometimes , in following our usual format , our TORCHBEARER may actually be a Scripture, instead of a Biblical Character.  Please do not hesitate to let me know when you need prayers of Healing, Encouragement, Peace or Comfort for yourself or your family . Counseling issues such as making the best financial choices, new medical breakthroughs, how to be a friend to someone who's ill will be addressed in this blog , on our radio show and in the newsletter. Look forward to receiving valuable and encouraging information.

I am excited to be attending a re-entry conference here in Philadelphia , PA . I have not been able to be very active in the re-entry community since my illness , but even so , I  continue with preparations for Spirit's Rest  Transitional Counseling Residence for Women. THE BUILDING IS ALMOST READY!!!!! Those who know me know that this has been a long-time dream and it is amost HERE!!!!

Well, this is the first post in a long time and I hope I am not rambling on too much, but I wanted to let everyone know about the changes, and the new focus we have. Our show will probably broadcast next month on the 2nd Sat at 6PM- E-mail me at  to suscribe to the newsletter. One thing that will not change is that I am expecting to hear from YOU.  Be encouraged- Pastor Norma