Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday!!!!

Proverbs 17:22 tells  us that a happy heart is good medicine, but low spirits sap ones stregnth.

I have to say this is true. Many of you are travailing at this time. While the efforts you  try  in order to make the best of a " bad" or transitional situation are to be commended. I see so many at church , at the treatment center , in the neighborhood, at the market , etc who are smiling through tears . Some times the pain  I see is so intense it causes me to interceed a lot ,and that is a good thing, but right now I want to speak a word of encouragement to you who find yourselves experiencing  emotional and spiritual fatigue.
What you are experiencing now is not because you are weak, stupid, worthless, hopeless or unlovable. What you are feeling now is isolation because you stayed out there by yourself trying to deal with it on your own and its wearing you out. You were created to be in fellowship not loneliness.

What I need you to do is take some time and fellowship with G-d. Remember what G-d has done for you, just today. And yes He has, because  we see new mercies morning by morning (Lam.3:23). Now , thank Him and praise Him for what He has done : what He faithfully continues to do.And I 'll bet you cannot stop at just today.  Are n't  you starting to feel better? Aren't your spirits starting to rise? Are you reassured that you are now more empowered to handle  enduring stressful occurences  because your spirits have been touched by The Holy Spirit??? Your situation may not have drastically changed to your liking but you know that you are not walking through it alone. And that is good medicine. Smile.

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Be encouraged Dr Norma

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Praise Party

Psalm116: 12-14
How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me? I will lift the cup of Salvation and call on the Name of THE LORD. I will fill my vows to the LORD in the presence of all His people.

Good Monday!!!!

Hallelu-Jah, He allowed us to see another week begin. Thank You.

Like many others, I am shocked by the passing of Whitney Houston this weekend. We know Whitney has been on a collision course for a while , but what saddens me is the amount of people who are focusing on just that part of her life. Whitney was a mother, a daughter , a cousin , a friend , a mentor, and yes she was someone's G-ddaughter. A church member, a neighbor.  A beautiful woman. An everyday person   with a excellent talent that led her into celebrity. What shocks me even more is the number of people who have been delivered and redeemed by G-d from some of those same isssues who seem to have forgotten from where G-d has brought them. " Well in the end, it got her. She shoulda left that stuff alone.  What a waste. I dont feel sorry for her , she was dancing with the devil.  Look at how she looks! Too bad"  And so forth and so on.  I'm sick of hearing it, especially from those who say they are Christian.

At some time in your life have people said things like that about you? Are they even now speaking spirit-killing poison as you are trying to keep your head up?  They sure have said stuff like that  about me, but the Most Merciful G-d in His Kindness pulled me out of the troubles I was in( and yes there were many), but the Glory is He did not save me to forget. I make a great effort not to remember in bitterness, but He did not save me so I could pretend to be too HOLY to recall those painful times. He delivered me to remember that some still struggle and He is counting on me to help them make it through. Just like He is counting on you.
Whatever you may be going through right now , whether is recovery , re-entry, joblessness, homelessness, serious illness, divorce , whatever, stop and praise G-d because  He is allowing you to see the process of deliverance. And once you get there worship Him and thank Him  by helping some one else make it out . The only way to do that is to be real about everything. Don't get so high and holier- than- thou that you forget to look where He brought you from.
For this week I want you to assess where you are In Christ. If you have been delivered  and are out of struggle, Hallelu-Jah! But its not over yet.Now look around you and see who you can encourage. For those of you who are still travailing, the Word for you is also Hallelu-Jah! Release that praise into the atmosphere every time you think about it or feel pain so that some loving spirit who has experienced your pain can find you and help you through.
Prayer- Precious Father , You Who are too wise to ever make a mistake , You Whose Mind is so great that it is unsearchable , please hear our prayer.Father , help us to never forget that we are placed here to bring Glory to Your Name. So many are struggling to find a way out of pain Lord.  I know that You hear their cries. Let us who truly love You be sensitive to the needs of your People and never haughty and stiff-necked , forgetting that we too once vowed  "Lord if You get me out of this".  Anoint us to be like Your Servant Joseph who did not foget his brothers in the famine  but provided for them so that they would see the blessing of their Father become  reality. Help us Lord to be obedient to Jesus when"He said ," if your brother needs you to walk a mile with him ,go with him two.Help us never to forget the past because to forget is to repeat. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen
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Be encouraged! Dr Norma

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Night Prayer


I know you did not think I had forgotten you, did you???  Never.  Some of my readers did contact me, but said they were a little confused whether they should try to get in touch by Facebook or Twitter. The best way to contact me is to use the "comment" box at the end of each post . I am grateful for every one who takes the time to read what I write in "A Higher Place", but I would like to interact with you, and the only way to do that privately is to either e-mail me or post a comment. I really need to know what you think,  if I can help you with a particular subject , or what you would like to see in future postings on the blog. In the weeks to come there will be some contests and give aways and you will not be able to access those by Facebook. SO, please enter your comments at the end of the posts, rather than "liking" it on Face book.I  know its a little more work but please, pretty please, pretty pretty please?Thank you. LOL

Prayer- Precious Father , as we look at the end of this week , we thank You for all you have allowed us to do. Thank You for believing in us, giving us 7 more chances  and letting us make it through another week.You have kept us through dangers that we have seen and some of which we have been completely unaware. Thank You. As we prepare for worship this weekend, Father, help us  clear our hearts of any anger , bitterness and rage tht we may be carrying. Let us be forgiving and pure in heart because that is the only way we will be able to recognise You when You apppear in our lives. That is also the only way we will be able to see You when we leave this plane. Father , lead us and guide us so that we will not sin against you. and when we do stumble , help us to come quickly to You and confess so that we may be forgiven. Lord be comfort for those who are mourning, heal those who are sick , restore those who are in confusion and please extend Your Mercies to those who are traveling and to those who live alone. Bind the spirits that come against the lives of our children and youth. Please , be their Hope in this season where so many cannot see any Hope. We love You Lord and may we always live to bring Glory to Your Name . Amen

Be encouraged, Dr Norma