Friday, July 8, 2011

In The Waiting

The theme of today's post is in fact the name of one of my favorite songs , recorded by Miss Vikki Yohe. I know you have heard someone say , "patience is a virtue" and so it is. I was reading the account of the Apostles regarding the choosing of a new Apostle to replace Judas. The Apostles prayed after proposing two candidates, and then  they cast lots!!!!! 
The candidate chosen was Matthias. Matthias was numbered  with the eleven Apostles and never heard from again. Had the Apostles waited on an answer from G-d they would have known He had Paul, then known as Saul ,being prepared for his 40 year , very powerful ministry. But. . . . . .

I am sure the Eleven meant to do as Jesus commanded them , and we know there was a reason for  having twelve Apostles.It could not have been easy for those early church leaders to organize their ministries and certainly they were operating under great confusion. I bet the enemy thought he would reign in that confusion and stop the Church from continuing and developing. Sometimes the hardest thing is not seeking G-d, or even acknowledging Him.The hardest thing is in the waiting. We often convince ourselves that delay means denial. We think because He doesn't answer immediately , that He is saying "no". Sometimes , as in the case with the first Apostles, we  make a decision based on what seems to be the best thing to do, because we "haven't heard G-d's Voice yet". Has anyone other than me been guilty of this?

Anyhow , when you are faced with a decision, be patient. Seek God and then WAIT for His answer. Don't let the enemy reign in your confusion. Wait. Believe me , G-d truly is the Sight Beyond What We See , and His response is always best because He alone knows what the end is going to be.

If you have had some issues with patience or with waiting on an answer fromG-d ,here is a resource for you. I hope you will write back and let me know your waiting experiences. Be encouraged !!!!!

Scripture references for today's post- Acts 1:12-26 , 9:1-31