Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Night Prayer


I know you did not think I had forgotten you, did you???  Never.  Some of my readers did contact me, but said they were a little confused whether they should try to get in touch by Facebook or Twitter. The best way to contact me is to use the "comment" box at the end of each post . I am grateful for every one who takes the time to read what I write in "A Higher Place", but I would like to interact with you, and the only way to do that privately is to either e-mail me or post a comment. I really need to know what you think,  if I can help you with a particular subject , or what you would like to see in future postings on the blog. In the weeks to come there will be some contests and give aways and you will not be able to access those by Facebook. SO, please enter your comments at the end of the posts, rather than "liking" it on Face book.I  know its a little more work but please, pretty please, pretty pretty please?Thank you. LOL

Prayer- Precious Father , as we look at the end of this week , we thank You for all you have allowed us to do. Thank You for believing in us, giving us 7 more chances  and letting us make it through another week.You have kept us through dangers that we have seen and some of which we have been completely unaware. Thank You. As we prepare for worship this weekend, Father, help us  clear our hearts of any anger , bitterness and rage tht we may be carrying. Let us be forgiving and pure in heart because that is the only way we will be able to recognise You when You apppear in our lives. That is also the only way we will be able to see You when we leave this plane. Father , lead us and guide us so that we will not sin against you. and when we do stumble , help us to come quickly to You and confess so that we may be forgiven. Lord be comfort for those who are mourning, heal those who are sick , restore those who are in confusion and please extend Your Mercies to those who are traveling and to those who live alone. Bind the spirits that come against the lives of our children and youth. Please , be their Hope in this season where so many cannot see any Hope. We love You Lord and may we always live to bring Glory to Your Name . Amen

Be encouraged, Dr Norma

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