Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Prayer for Deliverance

31 Days of HOPE

Exodus 1:15- So Pharoah said to the midwives, " If the baby is a boy, kill him, but let the girls live."

Today there are at least 31 murders docmented in the City of Philadelphia. This has been an extremely deadly start of the new year. The amount of killing going on makes me very very sad because the victims are not just the persons  killed. The  killers are victims, too. As are both families.Why??? the explanations are numerous and come from diversified souces: economics, rage, mass hysteria, HOPElessness , lack of faith, the list goes on . but consider this option: the spirit of Pharoah is loose in Philadelphia and many other cities  where young men are dying at an unbelievable rate.

As many explanations for this pandemic are available, there is one HOPE:  . Pray for deliverance from this spirit. Targeted prayer works wonders, not only in this instance , but wherever strongholds have a grip on the People of G-d. Need proof?
Samuel prayed for rain-1Sam12:18 , Joshua prayed  and the sun stood still-Joshua 10:12-14 , Jesus told the value of targeted prayer in the parable of the persistent widow- Luke 18:1, Daniel prayed facing Jerusalem and got sentenced to the lion's den , but G-d  delivered him, and King Cyrus decreed that his kingdom would worship G-d. Daniel 6

Prayer-Holy and Most Righteous G-d, Supplier of all our needs, deliverus .Deliver us from the evil   that is taking our  sons. They are dying before they  even live .When  we  see them  we are seeing the living dead. You are our only HOPE, Father, As this weekend comes upon us , please let there be no mothers , sisters , wives and children calling for a young man who will never again answer. Deliver us , Lord from the  taker of our future. This is Your Servants prayer and I  ask it in Jesus' Name. Halelu-Jah!!!!! Amen.

Be encouraged- Dr. Norma

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