Friday, January 6, 2012

A Prayer For The Weekend-Ps.121:3,4

31 Days of  HOPE
 A Friday  Night Prayer, Weekend Meditation
I want to thank everyone who has followed  this 1st week of 31 days of Hope. Before I write the prayer for tonite, I am hoping that you have taken the time to ask G-D what Season you are in . If not , prayerfully give this question some thought. The answer will help you determine how you can prepare to be in cooperation with Him as He moves upon your situation. You may be feeling pretty low , your situation may appear HOPEless , but  remember our G-d NEVER sleeps. Psalms 121:3,4

If I can just share something personal with you: In 2010 I was diagnosed with  gallbladder cancer. I had several rounds of chemo , and simultaneous  chemo/radiation. The tumor had started to shrink, I started gaining weight and was back on  the track to good health even though the surgical oncologist said my case was HOPEless . My medical oncologist did all she could as far as treatment and being as encouraging as she could be.As far as we knew my only tumor was in my gallbladder.  In July 2011 after another visit to the surgeon, I went home after work, and went to bed. The next AM I got up for work and just couln't get it together; the reason- an additional 3 tumors in my brain ! I underwent brain surgery the very next AM ( thank G-d the neurosurgeon was not as hesitant and HOPEless as the surgical oncologist!) and I am  in treatment but on the road to recovery.
My point is this : no one knew those brain tumors were there and my medical oncologist was vigilant!!!I had no headaches , or other symptoms of brain tumors. When I think of the things that COULD have happened but did not all I can tell you is G-d never sleeps!!!!! He knew the tumors  were there and in His Perfect Time  He revealed them. We slept them , but He did not. Hallelujah!!!!! I don't mean to bore you but I needed to let you know that I am not just writing words "at"you. I'm in this with you and you are in it with me. Even though our circumstances may be different, our situations are equal: we need the HOPE that only comes from Him!!!While I am writing this post I  need to thank  and  praise G-D, all my family, epecially my husband , my  daughters biological and spiritual, my son and my daughter in law, who actually is my 3rd daughter, my co-workers, church family , neighbors old and new, and all my friends. I love you so much. I thank all the doctors who helped me , my therapists and all the nurses.
Lets Pray: Precious Father , You Who never sleeps, thank You for being The Sight Beyond what we see. Thank You for going before us and preparing the way for us inspite of what it looks like from our human perspective. Thank you for being The ALL Wise G-d who knows what we need before we are even aware to ask for it .Thank You for being our HOPE. Lord bless everyone reading this  prayer , Bless them thru out the weekend with safety, with peace and with an increased knowledge of You and Your love for us and Your Plans for our lives. If we can ask for anything G-d let it be for forgiveness. Not for the state we may find ouselves in but for listening and being led by a voice that was not Yours that led us away from You. Thank You for making possible a Way of Repentance. We claim HOPE, we claim joy, we claim a new start, we claim restoration and we claim  an overgrowth of blessing .Thank You for another chance. In Jesus' Name- Amen

See you next week, be  encouraged and be HOPEful Dr. Norma

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