Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mid-Week Meditation

31 Days of HOPE

Matt.21:22 -" if you beleive , you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer".

Let me say thanks to everyone who is praying for me, and for this ministry. Yes prayer changes things. I am happy to say my MD gave a very HOPEful report today. I want to encourage everyone who is in a struggle , whether illness, finance, recovery, re-entry, family issues or legal problems that there is no question that cannot be answered by faith and by prayer. That is our Precious Hope-Pray in faith and keep trusting even when you don't feel Him near you. Remember , He is  in your spirit, not your changeable , temporal feelings . Keep praying and keep beleiving!!!!

Prayer- Father, please look upon all of us with Your Matchless Compassion. . Some have been going thru for so long they are being led by their feelings. Feelings of fear , of anger, of depression and sadness, feelings of bitterness and hopelessness. Some are so entrenched in their pain that they are not even in touch with their own spirits , much less Your Holy Spirit. They cannot even pray for themselves because the darkness is so great , they cannot  even  discern the Light as It reaches toward them. They don't know that their poverty of spirit is granting them the kingdom of heaven .Have mercy Lord, and please hear Your Servant's prayer as I stand before You  for those who cannot. Touch LORD and heal as only You can  according to Your Word and according to Your Will.  Glory to Your Name Alone , Master . Amen

Be HOPEful and  be encouraged- Dr Norma

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